Car Seat Covers – When is the Last Time You Looked Closely at Your Car Seat Covers?

In 1989 I bought a little Honda CRX. Of course they don’t even make them anymore, but it was a great car! It ran great and got 45+ miles to the gallon back when it didn’t really matter. I remember completely filling it up from empty to full for $10.00! Wow that was a great time to be driving. Now with gas upwards $3.00 a gallon driving isn’t as fun as it once was. I’m not trying to get off the subject, my point here is. I wish I still had that car. Do you have a car you wish you still had? Well I kept that car for 5 years and when it was paid off I decided to look at the car and decide if I wanted to keep it or get another car. I really liked the car in fact I loved it. 169,000 hard miles with no problems at all. I had never really looked at the seats in great detail, but as I looked at them I noticed they were worn pretty badly. They didn’t have tares or anything, but there were places that were worn so thin you could see the foam up under the covers. There were stains from spill coffee and other drinks over the years as well as some stains that I could never identify. I called the Honda dealership and asked about seat covers and the price was ridiculous. Back then the covers were around $1200.00 per seat Ouch! The book value on the car wasn’t but about $3000.00. I know this is trivial, but because the seats were so worn and cost so much to replace, I decided to sell the car and get another one.

Hind sight is 20/20 they say. As I look back on that little car I wish I had done something smart when I got that car. I wish I would have gotten seat covers to protect them for the first five years. Then I would probably had drove the car another five years. Now I admit at the time I didn’t look into alternative kinds of seat covers. Since that time I have done much research on seat covers. A few years ago I took a job doing seat cover installs for a local top shop. I sure learned some lessons while I had the pleasure working there. The best car covers outdoor lesson I learned was one day a guy come in with a car he needed a vinyl top put on his car because of some hail damage he had gotten on top of his car. Well I got in his car and when my butt hit the seat – I was like WOW! These were the most comfortable seats I had ever sat on. They were made from sheepskin. The fleece felt so different from anything I had ever sat on. I couldn’t believe it. I was instantly in love. I asked him where he had gotten them from and he told me they were in the car when he bought it. He also said they were his favorite part of the car. On top of that he said he had been driving the car for six years with those same sheepskin seat covers. They looked brand new. I asked him how he kept them so clean and he said they really keep themselves clean. I’ve stated in other articles that all you have to do is brush them and they stay clean. This is how I knew to do this. It was years later before I actually got my own set of sheepskin seat covers, but one thing I have always done ever sense I had the Honda CRX is to have some kind of seat covers that protect my seats. I have consistently driven my vehicles for 200,000 + miles and my seats have always looked good when I did get rid of the car.

Now that I have my own sheepskin seat covers I have found out a few other things.

  1. If you purchase sheepskin from a reputable dealer you will not go wrong.
  2. Sheepskin seat covers should be custom fit for your vehicle.
  3. Sheepskin needs to be brushed every few months.
  4. There is really not much upkeep sheepskin because it is so tough.
  5. Sheepskin is the most comfortable material I have ever sat on.

Please do not go into a parts place and buy sheepskin seat covers in a box. These are not custom fit and will move around some when you get in and out of the car. One of the biggest advantages of custom fit covers is the fact they do not move so there will be virtually no friction on your original seats. This way when you remove your sheepskin covers your old seats will look brand new. Not that you will ever want to remove them once you put them on.

Protect Car Seats With High Quality Car Seat Covers

For comfort and protection it is recommended that you add a high quality and durable car seat cover to your vehicles seat. Available in many different styles and models auto seat covers not only add a comfortable layer for the driver or passenger but also act to protect the actual fabric from scratching, tearing and UV light wear. You can find covers in almost any size including universal fit and custom fit car gloves as well as special models that can heat and/or cool the fabric while driving. If you’re on a budget and just want a solid kit to provide basic comfort and protection consider a universal sports mesh interior cover set. Easy to install without needing any special tools universal car saver sets have a unique, breathable sport mesh design that is both comfortable and stylish. Common universal colors include red and black, blue and black and gray and black to match up with many popular car interiors. Universal car seat sets often include two front seat covers, two head rest covers, two piece back seat covers and bonus back seat shoulder pads. Driving can cause a lot of uneasiness, especially on long trips and with a universal seat cover with head rests and shoulder pads your body will appreciate the added layer of comfort. If you have a few more bucks to spend then you may want to consider a custom or form fitting seat glove. Unlike universal fit car seat covers that are made to accommodate most make and model of seats a custom or form fitting covers are made to order with options for body style, head rests, attached arm rests, integrated seat belts and lumbar support padding. Custom seat covers can be found in front bucket seat styles and front bench seat sets as well as second and third row covers. In addition to standard car seat covers you can also find special made car seat gloves that feature heating and cooling systems as well as massage functions in ergonomically designed seats that conform to the body’s natural position.

Child Car Seat Covers

From the time you bring your bundle of joy home, to trips to the park, etc it’s important to make sure that your child is in their car seat. Although they are great devices and may cost you a pretty penny, your child may not take that into consideration when they have an accident involving liquids or food crumbs. Instead of rushing out and purchasing another seat entirely, why not purchase seat covers? Some of the benefits to covers are the ability to be able to change the design of the baby seat, additional protection of the seat, and adjusted comfort for your child. If you wanted to save few dollars and you purchased one seat and you have more than one vehicle the clash of colors of the interior becomes an issue to some. The advantage of the covers; there are a plethora of cover choices available to match even the most unique car interior. Another benefit to the seat cover is the protection to the seat that it offers. You can purchase car seat covers that have a plastic lining to protect against liquids. All car seat covers are machine washable and can be replaced. If you have an infant and you purchase a seat that grows with the child you may invest in a cover that offers additional cushioning. These types of car seats are beneficial because you won’t have to purchase the 3 types of car seats suggested by the Department Of Motor Vehicles based upon the child’s age or size. Theseseats offer the ability to adjust the seat as the child grows. There are a plethora of covers that offer the cushioning for your infant, plastic liquid protection for your toddler and comfortable yet stylish covering for your child when they reach age 5. To avoid having to pull the car over when the child may spill a drink, or has an accident, be prepared and have a seat cover in your trunk. You would spend far less paying for a seat cover than for an entirely new baby seat. Car seat covers are very beneficial simply because they help keep your child’s seat clean, they can be washed, they can make their seat more comfortable, and they also add a cure style to it!